Communicate your vision

Special Offer Summer 2020

Would you like to know how you come across in your first communication?

You may have thought about getting a communication coach as you know how important it is to have high-level communication skills in order to move your career to the next level. You are in the right place! Working with me gives you access to someone who can analyse your communication skills and then provide concrete feedback on what you can do to improve, depending on the objective you pursue.

You will rarely get te detailed and constructive feedback from someone who knows you well! I am providing a unique opportunity this summer. Let's have a call for 45 minutes and discuss your communication. I will then give you feedback on what you can improve in your communication already today!

The price? Only 40 euro for a 45 minute call. So, no need to break the bank to get some communication coaching (contrary to what others may make you belive!)

Communication coaching offer