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Public Speaking Training

Tailored workshops for organisations

Offering quality and relevant In-company and organisational training is the key to keeping your best employees and attracting new talent. In the Brussels environment, public speaking is the single most valued skill for your employees to practice and improve. How your employees present your organisation and its ideas will influence directly on how others see your value to them. Why only use the Internet and phone when you could be reaching the hearts and minds of hundreds of persons who need to hear your message?

Public speaking is unique because it is direct and personal and can therefore create long-term connections. In a world of brevity and distraction, quality public speaking is what makes you different from the crowd and noise of other organisations. Feel free to call me on 0032 4876 11 367 (Masha Tarle) and I will help you evaluate your organisation in terms of communication effectiveness and devise a tailored programme for your employees. Each workshop is created and developed, with your input, through an instructional design process. We make sure the training is relevant for your organisation and its objectives today.

Coaching and training for employees

Sometimes it is employees themselves who wish to receive training and are looking for opportunities not directly offered by their employers. If you believe that your organisation needs some public speaking greatness (and would love to be part of a training yourself!), why not contact us and let us get in touch with the decision makers in your organisation? We will be happy to meet them and present the benefits of public speaking training. 

Some of our organisational clients (tailored workshops):

British Council, Brussels

GIZ- German Development Agency

Confederation of European Paper Industry (CEPI)

Frank Bold

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

European Parliament and European Commission