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Public Speaking Course 4th July 2018

Public Speaking Course 4th July 2018C

“Voice and Bodywork” Public speaking intensive course

Wednesday 4th July 2018. 9.30 to 17.00

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Many people are anxious when they need to speak in public. They prepare well in advance what they will say but when the moment arrives they often feel that their body and voice is out of their control.

This course aims to put you back behind the steering wheel of your public speaking delivery.  This course will teach you, through concrete and proven exercises, how to feel and look confident when speaking in front of any type of audience.

Target talk is the only communication consultancy in Brussels that specialises in public speaking. Since 2011, hundreds of individual and group clients have taken private coaching or group courses to help them improve their public speaking skills.

Thanks to the wide experience of Public speaking coach and communication manager Masha Tarle, you will learn to speak with confidence and conviction. Most importantly, you will understand the reasons behind your fear/anxiety and how these can be overcome.


Professionals in international organisations, NGOs, trade associations, private companies or freelancers, wishing to understand how to get the best use of their body and voice and letting go of their anxiety, both before and during a talk.

Participants may bring a concrete project/presentation/talk they would present to others. They should also think about what kind of audience they usually present to and the situations in which they are more nervous.


The aim is to provide you, through clear explanations and exercises, with a practical toolkit to decrease your fear of public speaking and increase the control of your body and voice. Participants will present to others and receive feedback on steps they can take to improve their skills. There will be a maximum of 4 participants.


Common fears and mental blocks (and how to overcome them)

Warm-ups and relaxation techniques

Posture and Body language essentials (including hand movements)

Making the most of your voice- pitch, tone, stress, pause and pace

Connecting with the audience


Small vs. big audiences


Focus and concentration

The full day course will provide short coffee breaks with beverages and snacks. 


Co-working space The MUG , rue Charles Martel 6-8 ( Metro Schuman or Maalbek)


250  euro (individuals), 350 euro (organisations)

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