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Is coaching expensive?

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I call myself a Communication Coach and Trainer but I haven't always called myself like that. It is hard to find a suitable name for what you do these days because professions change and expectations vary, and language is changing even quicker. At certain times one word is fashionable and we all believe that it describes us well, but then we realise it actually doesn't. And let me not even get started on the confusing world of SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) where you basically adapt to what Search Engines want, and your own feelings matter very little.

If I could, I would love to call myself something pure and simple, like "teacher". I always wanted to become one, so why can't I just put that word on my website?  Well, most of my potential clients will not type the keyword "teacher" when they need some help with their presentations or interviews. My corporate clients will use this word even less. They may use the word "trainer" or "facilitator", but they often gravitate towards the smooth sounding "coach". For individual clients, the word "coach" sounds reassuring,personal and comfy. I have therefore embraced the word "coach" and can live with it, except for one thing: the word "coach" sounds very expensive.

Is coaching expensive?

Now, I am aware that not everybody "should" be calling themselves a "coach". People who have paid expensive Coach certifications certainly have the right to be annoyed that an army of consultants, teachers, and other wise men and women are invading their professional territory.  Certified coaching (e.g life coaching) follows certain rules and standards. I am not really talking about these coaches however as expensive. They might be, and possibly they should, although I would much rather go to a plain psychotherapist if the need arose.

I am simply here to reassure you, the potential client, that having your own Communication Coach is not as expensive as it looks on the many fancy coaching websites out there.  You may have come across sites where they mention fees such of 300 dollars/euros an hour. In case your company is paying, that might as well be fair, especially if your company is doing well and you are a high flying employee. Maybe you can pay that kind of hourly fee from your own pocket. Maybe you have high earning power and belive that coaches should get paid fairly. 

But, let's face it, most often, you are a hard-working person with an avarage salary and savings and you are simply wondering how your communication could be a bit more effective. Are you going to pay 300 euros for a coaching session? No, I didn't think so.

Worst of all is probably the idea that a coaching package, costing thousand or more euros/dollars, is somehow an "investment" for you to make. They sell you these coaching packages as if there is some specific mystery behind it and that you will reach a new level of understanding once you go ahead and sign up. And if you object that it is expensive, they blame it on your attitude: "You are just not ready to invest in yourself" they will say with a sad smile.

I just say: forget about that. The good old "pay per session" model works for therapists and sport coaches, so why would it not work for a communication coach? I offer weekly coaching sessions that you can start and end at your own pleasing. I will give you feedback and resources and guide you personally. If you are an executive, high-level person, that is great. But if you are not, my door is just as open.

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