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Target Talk was founded in 2011 by Masha Tarle, an English teacher turned Communication Consultant, living in Brussels, Belgium. My first goal was to create tailored training and coaching to help individuals and groups communicate more effectively. It was a time when PowerPoint was dominating pubic speaking and speeches had long been forgotten. Everybody was excited by social media and the digitalisation of communication.

What is Target Talk about really?

Over the years I have perfected my own method aimed at achieving "Communication Fluency" in professionals. I provide clients with honest and detailed feedback on their communication, in an environment of trust and respect. When I work with teams, I create opportunities for people to connect and collaborate better. In individual sessions, I help clients understand themselves better and stay focused and positive.

The "Communication Fluency" approach is based on listening to your concrete challenges and responding to your needs through a series of tailored workshops and/or communication coaching package. You can achieve communicate fluency by taking workshops on soft skills, such as:

  • Public Speaking Essentials
  • English Fluency for Presentations
  • Strong and convincing arguments
  • Networking skills ( jobseekers, employees, self-employed)
  • Interview skills (e.g. competency job interview- especially the EU Assesment Centre)
  • Professional Etiquette for the Workplace
  • Navigating Office Politics ( dealing with difficult people and situations)
  • Pitching an idea or service
  • Perfect e-mail communication
  • Train the Trainer
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Executive Presence

What makes my communication coaching different?I combine my vocation as an English teacher, with my work experience in communication management and the creativity of theatre writing and directing. 

Who are my clients?
I help private companies, such as consultancies (but also international organisations and non-profits) get more business/clients by assessing their team's communication skills.  After understanding their needs, I will create a tailored training and coaching programme to help the team become convincing communicators.
I help individuals, at all levels of hierarchy, but especially those working or aspiring to be managers, to communicate more effectively, with authority and impact. I also enjoy helping those in engineering and technical professions who want to be heard, despite not feeling comfortable with chatting away at meetings. Most of my clients are "international" but I love helping those who struggle with English and who are working hard to create a place for themselves in today's very competitive job market.

Why work with me?
If you are a a manager, your top priority is to have employees and consultants who can represent your organisation in a professional way while building connections and getting new business. Your other priority is to have a good working environment where people can learn, receive feedback and contribute to your company's mission. This is where communication skills training and coaching can become a powerful tool.

If you are an individual client, looking for a communication coach, you know how important it is to have good communication skills in order to move your career to the next level. Working with me provides you with someone objective who can assess your style and provide concrete feedback on what you can do to improve, depending on your aims. 

Interested? Ask for your tailored Communication skills training or coaching offer by writing to: 
masha (at) or calling me: 0032 487 61 13 67

For further information on the my ideas and writings, please look at the blog posts I have written, follow me on LinkedIn  of follow my Facebook page.

Meet the Team

Masha Tarle

Masha Tarle

Communication Trainer and Consultant

Life took me from my hometown Zagreb to sunny Melbourne ( where I learned how to spell), to noisy Madrid ( where I learned how to dance) and then to rainy Brussels where I now live (happily ever after).

I used to be a "real" teacher and that is why I carry around a bag with books, markers and fun activities. I still love teaching and my work is very much in line with my studies of English Language and Literature.

Since arriving to Brussels, back in 2008 I have worked as a communication manager with a well-known politician, the European Commission, a PR agency, an non-profit and a lobby (in that order).  

At heart I am a communication architect, planning and building as many bridges between people as I possibly can. I love to help people improve their communication skills in the professional sphere, so that they can thrive,  create networks, deliver quality work and make an impact.


Katharina Merschel

Katharina Merschel

Voice and Body Coach 

Katharina Merschel has a background in theatre as an actress and script-writer. Her mother tongue is German and she speaks English, French and Dutch. Katherine worked along with Masha from 2014 to 2017. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany and occasionally collaborates on trainings for Target Talk.