Communicate your vision

Public speaking and communication training always needs to start with you. What are your goals?

Our method is based on three levels of communicators:

Level 1 is the  person who is anxious and afraid of speaking in public, small or big groups alike. You worry about what others may think and you prefer not to say anything at all. You need to break the cycle of fear and find a positive communication experience once again. My individual communication coaching packages and advice are the perfect solution.

Level 2 is the communicator who needs help with crafting the content and messages. In addition, you may need help with delivery and polishing your body language and voice. You might also want to know more about other soft skills that can complement your communication toolbox. This is where communication coaching or tailored workshops for your organisation can be helpful. Keep an eye also on our open courses!

Level 3 is the experienced speaker who still has some doubts. People expect you to be a smooth talker and excellent presenter as you have a wealth of experience. But you know that you are not yet there! You wish to know how to influence others and advocate your ideas and messages in a clear and powerful way. Communication coaching is the solution for you, together with specific courses on building your skillset.

overcome your fear of public speaking



PhD Researcher, Vlerick Business School

Coaching client PhD researcher

Masha is a passionate coach, eager to discover and polish people's communication talents. Her extensive experience in public speaking and communication, combined with solid learning techniques, allow her to bring out the best in people. I highly recommend Masha as a coach and even mentor.


Legal Adviser, European Commission

Public speaking European Commission client

Not only has she helped me develop my communication skills but also to overcome a big professional obstacle, as I was very anxious about speaking in public. Now I look forward to each opportunity and people even compliment my presentation style. Thank you!


Director, German Development Aid Agency

Image of S.L.

Our team of policy professionals wanted to follow a public speaking course. What they got was much more than that. Masha met with the team leader and identified the current needs and issues. She quickly identified three areas to work on: public speaking, persuasion skills and networking skills. The courses were targeted and engaging. As a result the team is now much better equipped to communicate with key audiences.  


Senior Consultant, Oxera

Consultant client

Masha has  a wealth of resources and tips, and she can help you with any communication challenge. Most importantly, she really listens and finds creative ways to give you confidence and content. It definitely changed the way I view public speaking.