Target Talk

Target Talk is a communication and training consultancy that specialises in Public Speaking. We currently work in two locations: Brussels, Belgium and Berlin, Germany.

We work with people who share our belief that public speaking should look natural and make you feel good.

Our clients are motivated individuals who:

  • already speak in public (even if at small meetings and occasionally)
  • are confident about their work/results/ideas but need help with communicating their own value to others
  • really want to improve their face to face communication, especially with groups
  • appreciate and understand the importance of personal support in the form of coaching
  • prefer a systematic and professional approach to public speaking that brings results 
  • aren’t afraid of honest feedback because they can use it as an opportunity to grow
  • prefer to look and sound authentic when speaking in public, rather then rehearsed and contrived. 
  • might be afraid of speaking in public but are still eager to overcome the fear by a good attitude and lots of practice

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